Company Information

eJad is a software company specialized in providing consulting services and offshore software development.

Our core competency is in automotive software. With decades of cumulative years of experience in the field we are able to provide our customers the required technical expertise to overcome the increasingly challenging and demanding projects.

Our strength is built upon a talented team of engineers with strong experience in automotive ECU software development and integration specially using the AUTOSAR technology, educated in different aspects of the processes from driver’s development, Basic software development and integration to complete ECU development and integration.

Our subject matter experts possess both the technical and project management experiences that can drive all aspects of the ECU development cycle, with experiences from the software development level to the architectural level and strong awareness of automotive quality process like A-SPICE, ISO9001 and CMMI which contributed to the success of several quality audits. Along with that our team has a practical experience in the analysis and application of ISO26262 technical safety concepts and mechanisms.

Guiding Principles


Software infrastructure in vehicles is increasing exponentially and is increasingly becoming the main differentiator in the premium automotive segment. The recent innovations in advanced driving assistance (ADAS), Vehicle to Vehicle/Infrastructure (V2X) and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) are largely capitalizing on the introduction of complex software algorithms which are now possible by the means of the increasingly powerful automotive grade processors. Automotive standards like AutoSAR are paving the way to this exponential increase in the software volume in tomorrow's cars. These kinds of disruptive technologies are changing the automotive market and shifting the core competencies of the automotive domain more towards electronics and software. 


Our Vision for eJad is to be a center of excellence for the competencies and technologies required for the transition to "The Software Car"


Our mission is to be an innovative contributor in new trends in automotive domain to help our customers with our products and consultants in this transition as smoothly as possible.

Skills Summary

AUTOSAR is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, eJad core competence is the deep knowledge in the AUTOSAR standard, consortium and work packages.

Our team is having a quite long experience in embedded software development and porting to various platforms. Starting from high end 32-bit target platforms, passing by mid-range and ending with 8-bit micro controllers.

eJad team capabilities are not limited to embedded software, but extended to cover the complete life-cycle of the development of software tools. Development of Java, eclipse based, Artop™ based as well as AUTOSAR configuration generator tools are part of eJad's team skills.

With more than 9 years dealing with different kinds of automotive ECUs, eJad team is qualified to follow the latest and advanced technology using different automotive software tool chains and BSW stacks.

Automotive software development is facing challenges in applying ISO standard for functional safety (ISO-26262). eJad team is experienced in helping Tier1s and OEMs to apply the ISO26262 starting from consultation targeting the correct ECU architecture and till the phase of certification of ECU software.

With the continuously increasing complexity of software projects in automotive, monitoring and control of projects' time, budget and quality become a challenge that shall be managed by project management experts. eJad project managers have been involved in various AUTOSAR and non AUTOSAR projects with both Tier 1s and OEMs.